It's Potty Time!

I was shopping at Walmart one day and found a Potty Training kit on the clearance isle. It came with a little bathroom set-up with toilet and sink that make noise, a little purple potty hippo, a toy that suctions to the toilet for kids to push after flushing, AND... and wrist timer that goes off every 20-30 min announcing "It's Potty Time"!!! Tydon loves it and has really taken to this whole potty training thing. I have to share a funny story though... After my purchase I let Tydon open everything and play with it before he went to bed. Gordon had night class and didn't get home until later and then had to stay up and study. He was kneeling down by the couch in the living room saying his prayers and the wrist timer went off "IT'S POTTY TIME!" right next to his head. All the lights were off so it was dark and it scared him sooo bad. He hadn't been introduced to the new toy yet so he was quite surprised! I laughed so hard trying to picture Gordon almost peeing his pants...

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Sarah said...

it would have been great if he actually did pee his pants, cause after all, it was potty time. That is hilarious. That's nice that Tydon likes it. That will make the whole ordeal a lot easier on everyone.

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