Baby Season!!

It must be baby season! I have about 10 more of these to make for friends that either are having or just had babies. I thought this one turned out super cute and wanted to share. I'm liking the matching wipe cases more and more. I might even get more ambitious and add some matching burp cloths some day... we'll see!

Different fastener... I usually do the button with Velcro and thought this was fun.

Ribbon across wipe case.


Baileys said...

Wow! I love those, your so creative!

Calise said...

I really love these! I wish someone would have given me one of these with my baby! I bet you are the hit of the baby showers :)

Kate & Jeremy said...

i need to have a baby so you can make me stuff.. okay.. i don't want stuff that bad yet! but i'm glad your gett'n all practiced up for when i am ready Ü jk! but seriously.. this is so cute!

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