Fun in the Sun

On Tuesday Gord, Tydon and I were able to go out on the boat with my dad and Brody. They had already finished their rounds of skiing so we met them at the dock in Roberts.

While we waited Gord and Tydon caught minnows.

Tydon LOVES water so he made me nervous, but was loving every minute of it.

Caught one!

Here they come....

Tydon jumped in and swam with me after I skied

YES! That is my hubby.... I was so proud of him!


Tydon liked climbing up front and hiding under the cover (it use to be my favorite place to hide too)

I love SUMMER... there is nothing like a day spent in the sun on the lake... Good memories :)

1 comment:

Calise said...

How fun! It looks like you had a great 4th, and fun in the sun! My boys love to share their food with their animals- stuffed or not! Your little guy is so adorable!

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