Sunday ride

The weather was gorgeous today! We ate some BBQ for lunch and after our afternoon nap Gordon and I took Tydon on a walk to the park. We decided it was nice enough we wanted to go for a bike ride too so walked back home and borrowed our renters bike and cart to go for a bike ride. We went and picked up Tydon's girlfriend Madison and went for a little ride around the neighborhood. It was so fun! The kids were excited to be outside and it was nice to enjoy some sunshine.

New Hobbies...

So I have decided to try and get creative... I am not a scrapbooker like most, but the blog is helping me to take more pictures. I decided to start making cards and have made a few for Gord's family for birthdays and have enjoyed it so far. My new thing is blocks... This is a picture of my first project and I love it! I took a class with one of my friends to make this one and can't wait for the next one. They are so easy and lots of fun to make.

It's Potty Time!

I was shopping at Walmart one day and found a Potty Training kit on the clearance isle. It came with a little bathroom set-up with toilet and sink that make noise, a little purple potty hippo, a toy that suctions to the toilet for kids to push after flushing, AND... and wrist timer that goes off every 20-30 min announcing "It's Potty Time"!!! Tydon loves it and has really taken to this whole potty training thing. I have to share a funny story though... After my purchase I let Tydon open everything and play with it before he went to bed. Gordon had night class and didn't get home until later and then had to stay up and study. He was kneeling down by the couch in the living room saying his prayers and the wrist timer went off "IT'S POTTY TIME!" right next to his head. All the lights were off so it was dark and it scared him sooo bad. He hadn't been introduced to the new toy yet so he was quite surprised! I laughed so hard trying to picture Gordon almost peeing his pants...



So... Tydon contracted empetigo over the past week and it has spread like wild fire. If you want to do some reading up on it you can go to:
It started out as a small blister (resembling a burn) on his knuckle last Monday. When he woke up on Tuesday the blister had increased in size and the skin was irritated and red. Throughout the day it popped and had a large hole in the center. I asked a PA in our ward what it might be and he suggested putting some neosporine with a band aid on it. I did that, but it seemed to get bigger. On Thursday he had a small scratch above his right eyebrow, but I didn't think anything of it. By Saturday it was scabbed over with a yellow color to it. He also started to get other spots on his face, almost like chicken pocks. By Sunday morning his finger was scabbed over similar to his face so we knew something was wrong. The PA in our ward took a look and said it looked like impetigo and suggested we take him in. He is now on an antibiotic and a topical cream.... Wow! He could have contracted this from a shopping cart, the play ground, another child... who knows! All I know is we will be washing our hands a lot more now!

The Park

The weather is finally warming up nicely so I decided to take Tydon to the park. We have a nice park just a few blocks from our house so we try to take a walk when the weather is nice. This day it was still a little chilly so he wore his hat (this kid LOVES hats). His favorite part is the swings. He says "weeee" as he swings back and forth.


I never thought that I would buy so many bananas!!! Tydon has found his new love... BANANAS... He will ask for them at every meal and eats a full one no problem. I'm pretty sure that he takes bigger bites than Gordon too! This kid can eat and isn't afraid to stuff his mouth completely full. My favorite part is how he says "banana" though. I'm impressed at his willingness to try and say anything. Oh yeah... he is very interested in potty training so we are doing that these days too! I'm pretty sure he is doing better than me though. I need to be more consistent! Any advice or encouragement would be great!
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