I can't wait!!

I FINALLY finished some projects in Heritage Makers
They should be here sometime next week...

12x12 Pages
8x8 Books

Book for Tydon to look at during sacrament
Just for Tydon

Personalized Planner for the end of 2009...
Really looking forward to this one
and some random Post Cards
I'm so excited!!


Peterson Family said...

I LOVE THOSE PROJECTS!!! Wow, you have been busy! I love heritage makers I actually thought about being a rep or whatever because I love how the whole thing works. You did such a good job, I really love the Tydon's first and second year and the book for Tydon during church (great investment). So stinkin cute!

Judy said...

Wow!!!!! These are beautiful. And isn't it great to finish something and it stays done! :) Love them!!!

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