Miscellaneous Monday...

A few things that have caught my eye lately...

Red Robin Kids Cookbook
I've already started collecting for this one :)
Organizing your Recipes

I'm a huge fan of lists... can't get enough of checking them off!
Loving headbands right now...
Cute Headband Tutorial
I'm thinking this would be nice COLD... for the Summer heat at night ;)
So cute and functional!
I'm always up for some fun date ideas... anything to spend time with him!
How's your filing system looking?? Mine always needs some help.
Have you ever thought about...
Going Digital - Next time you move all you'd need is your computer!
Saving Time and Money Baking Bread
Seriously need to try this...
How to spend less than $100 per month on groceries
Perfect if you live in it!


Katie @ said...

Oh how cool to see you inspired by the idea of going digital at Making This Home, too. I love love love having less papers around the house because I'm so awful at keeping them under control.


Judy said...

You are so fun....I love these ideas! Hope all is great for you!

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