A week in Idaho...

Last week Tydon and I went to Idaho for the week.
We haven't been that busy in a long time!!

Of course we went to the mall to visit my grandma.
I took my cousin school clothes shopping and helped my brother get finished up too.
I've decided it might be kinda fun to work retail again :)

Tuesday night we had a pizza party at Great's house and
played games.
Wednesday morning we got up and went to the Greenbelt and fed the ducks.
One of my favorite childhood memories...
There were tons of Geese...
Wednesday afternoon we went out to my parents house.
While I cut hair Tydon played outside with Grandma.
Tydon LOVED swinging around on the horse walker. I use to do that when I was a kid.

My dad got a new kitty to hunt mice... he wouldn't leave Tydon alone.
Then we were off to Mud Lake.
Tydon loves spending time with his cousins.
I quilted for 2 days straight!!
They are at the quilter so I'll post pics in a few weeks...
I'm so excited :)

Gord's brother is building a house so we went to take a peek.
Friday night we had a girl's night... no pics, but it was fun!

Saturday morning we got up early and drove back to UT for
Braxton's wakeboard tournament.
Tydon kept pulling the footrest up and saying "ya...ya..." like he was riding a horse.
Braxton took 1st

He won another trip to Florida!! Hope I get to go again.
So proud of him ;)

Sunday was Kirk's birthday.
We celebrated at our house... yummy dinner and blueberry pie!
What a week!
Feels good to be home, but now I've got lots of catching up to do.


Jill and Travis said...

That does sound like a busy week! I love trips to Idaho--just something about that place. I love the picture of Tydon in the sunglasses! So cute.

Danny & Crystal said...

WOW! You have been busy this past week! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun though! It's always fun to visit family! Can't wait to see your quilts!

Peterson Family said...

I just love being able to go visit family in Idaho, riding on a horse walker is one of the great things you probably only do in Idaho! Wow, it amazed me when I see people do those extreme sports, Braxton has skillz! I want to learn to quilt more, my skills on the sewing machine are extremely limited. Every time I see all the neat crafts and things you do I want to try them out but I am always scared to try new things by myself. Tydon is so cute, he looks so tough in that biker hat with flames!

The Collier 4 said...

What good times. I can't beleive your mom had all those fabulous horses and you dont rodeo you crazy girl!jk. Looks like you are doing well and Tydon is getting so big. Are you ready for baby #2?

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