7 month update...

I can't believe our little man is already 7 months, almost 8 now. I felt like he was still a baby saying he was 6 months, but 7 months really isn't "baby" anymore.
*Sitting up
*Eating rice cereal for lunch and dinner
*Taking a bottle if mom is gone
*Favorite song "Patty Cake"
*Likes to splash Tydon in the tub
*Still taking 3 naps a day
*Sleeps from 8pm-7am
*Starting to army crawl
*Teething Time!!
He's been really good and they haven't seemed to bother him.
Getting ready to go shopping with the girls :)
Has crazy fuzz when he wakes up!
Such a happy boy!


Ashley said...

Oh my heavens! 7 months old? How do they get so big so fast?! What a darling sweet guy. Your one lucky momma!

heather said...

Wow, he's 7 months! He's getting so big! He's still super cute. Love his hair.

Amber and Che said...

Wow 7 months already? That's insane. What a cutie pie. I love the fuzz hair ha ha

Judy said...

Where does the time go? I LOVE his hair. He is beautiful {handsome!}

Peterson Family said...

I know it's been said but, WOW! Henson is getting so big! It is so crazy how fast the time flies I'm still in awe of how fast Marley is changing. It sounds like he is such a good boy, sleeping so well. I love that picture of him getting ready to go shopping with you, what a little cutie!
I would love to meet up at the Childrens Museum or something sometime, I think Kaydence would love that too (I'm sure she will have a little crush on Tydon)

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