I was the Enrichment Leader in our last ward and it was such a fun calling. I worked with some amazing women who were talented, motivated and super fun!!

It seems like most wards and stakes are no longer doing Super Saturdays, but as women we still have a NEED to create... so as a committee we came up with an idea for an activity to allow us the opportunity to both SERVE and CREATE in one activity.

The 2 months prior to the activity we gathered donations from the ward to help fill Humanitarian Kits to be donated to the church. We had enough supplies to complete 25 Hygiene Kits and 25 School kits.

So as the sisters arrived at the activity, they helped put kits together...We also put together personal heaters
Then we talked about emergency plans...
Then it was time to CREATE...
Our main craft was Family Home Evening magnet boards.
This is where our idea came from.
These are the board kits all ready to go!
We also made interchangeable watch bands...
Gordon's niece helped me and we came up with a few different options.
Also {$5}
Watch Faces were sold separately...

We sold about 200 kits!!
A couple of the girls in the committee are experienced with Photoshop and one of them made a template for Family Proclomations.
So we had a table set-up with computers for people to create their own proclamation.

We had such a great turnout!!
I am FOREVER grateful to all of the sisters on the committee and everyone that helped to make this activity a success.
{Thanks Katie for letting me use your pics}


Danny & Crystal said...

What an awesome super saturday! That's so cool that you did some service too! I loved the FHE board & the watch bands & I can't believe they were only $5--that's awesome! At our last super saturday, that FHE boards were $20 or $25! I loved the Family Proclamations too, what a great idea!

Amber and Che said...

What a fun Super Saturday! Adding the service part was perfect! I love those watchbands and fhe boards. So creative!

Hay and J said...

You always do such fun crafts! I love the red in your hair! How are you guys doing?

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