Mother's Day Project...

We stayed in UT this year for Mother's Day.
It was a beautiful day and I got spoiled by these boys...
I'm so grateful to be a Mother and am especially grateful for the Mother's in my life.
I look up to my own mother and I'm grateful for the woman that she is.

My mom is driving down today with my grandma {yahoo!}
{So I had an extra week to get my gift together}

My mom's hobby is Barrel Racing and she loves anything to do with horses.
So when I saw this idea I knew it would be perfect :)

FIRST: Find a few of these...
And some of these...
SECOND: Ask your husband nicely to weld them together
{google images}

THIRD: Grab some spray paint and get to work
Finished Product... Perfect display in the front of any cowgirl's tack shed :)
I hope she likes em'


Judy said...

those are the cutest things I have ever seen!!!!! She will love them!

Russ and Kristen said...

super cuuuuuuute!!! i love all of your projects, you're so creative!

Chance and Beth said...

Oh that is so cute! I'm sure she loved them!

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