Lasik Eye Surgery!!

For graduation our parents got Gordon Lasik! He has been so excited about it he could hardly stand it... You can't wear your contacts for 4 weeks before the surgery so he has had to wear his glasses for a month straight.

Last goofy picture with glasses!

The night before surgery my family went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate my birthday and my cousin Karli's.

Gordon had to be there at 7:15am and so I dropped him off and Tydon and I went back at 9:30am to watch the surgery.

In the waiting room they had two screens for us to watch.

We could see him laying down and also the doctor's view through the machine. They gave him a teddy bear to hold on his chest through the procedure.

It was AMAZING to watch! It took less than 5 minutes for both eyes and then he was done.

They had him wear two clear lenses over his eyes so he wouldn't be tempted to touch his eyes the first day. His eyes were dilated for the first several hours so it was hard to see because it was so bright. After surgery we went out to Mud Lake to relax.

When Gord watched TV for the first time later that day. I thought he was going to cry! He was watching football and he said "I can read the words!!" It was so neat to watch him explore a new world.

His eye check-up the following day concluded with 20/15 vision!!! I'm so excited for Gordon and know this has been the best gift our parents could have ever given him.

After Gord's eye exam we took Tydon to the Tauphus Park Zoo. I haven't been there in years!! Tydon loves animals so he had a blast.

Going early to the zoo is always the best. The petting zoo is open and the animals are usually the most active.

Gordon enjoyed his new eyes and was excited at all the things he could see. When we drive down the road now, he says, "Tell me when you can read that sign." He wants to compare his new eyes :)


Anonymous said...

hey! Where did he get the surgery done? I am wanting to get chad's done but I don't know where a good place to go or how much it costs. Let me know

Reuben Ortega said...

Congrats Gordo! Now you will actually be able to play golf respectfully. :)

Kate & Jeremy said...

YEAH GORDO!!! how exciting! someday i will get this done.. no question! i'm sure he felt like he was in a whole new world! thats the best graduation gift EVER!! speaking of the zoo.. come to hogle zoo here with us.. i went for the first time EVER last month and its SO FUN! need to see you soon. love ya

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