Shoppin with "Great"

Since Gordon went fishing all day on Saturday he let me take a turn and go overnight with my grandma to Salt Lake. She is Tydon's Great Grandma and so Tydon just calls her "GREAT."

We left Sunday after church and stayed at the PLAZA downtown.

We went to the Fashion Place Mall and at dinner at Cheesecake Factory!!

BEST lettuce wraps I've ever had!! Entree was AWESOME too!!

Back at the hotel, "Great" had to drink PEPSI instead of COKE and you just don't understand how she hates it!! ha ha

Monday morning "Great" had to meet with a marketing rep so I had the morning to cruise around in the "beamer" and shop. I found some great deals at Nordstom Rack and a fun fabric store.

Then we were off to lunch and Gardner Village. I love this place this time of year!!

Thanks "Great" for a fun get away-Love ya!


Amanda and Brandon Jamison said...

That looks like a lot of fun! It is always so nice to have a getaway. Especially when it involves food and shopping! Your family is so cute! I can't believe how big Tydon is! Time flies

Crystal Taylor said...

Can I go with "great" next time! PLEASE?!

Kate & Jeremy said...

gotta love that GREAT!! glad you guys had a good time! its always fun to get away!! and good for you guys for going to and being over the ward camp out.. i have to confess.. i hate ward campouts.. am i going to hell?? its just something i've dreaded since i was so young.. but it looks like you guys had a good time and threw a mean campout Ü come see me soon

Kate & Jeremy said...

oh i just read you guys didn't stay the night at the campout.. i can't sleep better tonight knowing that. kidding. but kind of not kidding Ü

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