My FIRST bag!!

I decided to try something NEW!! I've always been a little bit nervous, but wanted to try making bags...

6 pockets inside!!


Of course a matching wipe case!!

What do you think?!?


Jamie Ortega said...

You are just amazing!!! All the cute stuff you make. I wish I could sew and make cute stuff like you. Dont stop one day I will need you to make me one of your cute bags.

Lacie and Jared said...

O Chels- these are a must HAVE. They are fabulous! I love love them!

Peterson Family said...

LOVE IT! Those look like Vera Bradley bags and those are expensive bags. I had no idea you were so creative and talented, WOW!

Jared and Jami Hobbs said...

So Cute! Could you get any more talented? You are so cute! Call us when you come down, we would love to see you. You are in our prayers!!

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