Friends and Family...

What would we do without Great Friends and Family?!

Last Friday we surprised one of our friends and took her to Good Things Utah
(One of Utah's morning shows with lots of giveaways and fun ideas)

Thursday we took Tydon to see Up 3D. We went with Gord's sister RaNae and a few of her kids. So glad we have family close by to hang out with.
Tydon loved the BIG movie, but wouldn't wear the glasses during the show. He didn't like things coming at him. The dogs scared him a bit too...
Cute show!


Judy said...

What a fun thing to do with your friends. You all look so cute. I want to go see up. I have a handicaped cousin. We graduated together and he loves movies. I think I'm gonna take him there for his birthday! Glad u r having a blast!

Danny & Crystal said...

I've heard that movie is really good! What fun pictures!

Chance and Beth said...

Hey! I don't remember who I found your blog from, but I'm glad I did! Congrats on baby number 2! So exciting! Your little boy is addorable!!

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