A while ago for Family Home Evening we had the opportunity to go take a tour at the Utah Army National Guard. It was really close to our house in West Jordan and one of our neighbors flies Apaches. It was sweet!
The boys...
Gord, ready to fly.
Lindsey and I pretending to fly the Apache.
It was way too claustrophobic for me. I can't even imagine flying that thing!
The Hanger
Tydon was so excited to sit on the little John Deere
Front of the Black Hawk
Reagan, Tydon and Mason
Lindsey, Me and Melanie and our cute boys
(Tydon, Reagan and Mason)
After we looked around Robbie took us back inside to show us his gear.
All dressed up...
Thanks again for taking us Heightmans.
Something fun and unique!

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heather said...

That does seem like a fun FHE!

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