The past week...

I can't believe how fast time flies when you are crazy busy...
Last week was full of packing, goodbyes and BBQs.

Wednesday we had yummy BBQ Chicken at the Heightman's.
The Girls

Thursday we said good-bye to our Special Needs Friends at our final Mutual.
Fabulous Young Women's Presidency
Janae Brady
Sheryl (another advisor), Janae and I

Friday we enjoyed lunch at Golden Corral to celebrate Gord's niece's gradution.
Tiff and Tydon (such a cute smile)
Tiff and Me - She is so dang cute!

Saturday we packed and loaded
When we were packing in Poky Tydon loved climbing in the bags and getting zipped up.
I forgot I had these pictures

Later Friday night while we were finishing up for the night the ice cream man came through the neighborhood.
Tydon was sharing with his friend Mason.
Saturday after we got done loading the trailer we had a little celebration. Ha Ha
The carpets were cleaned at our new place Monday so we couldn't finish moving in until Tuesday. We are happy to finally be settled.
I'll post some pics of the new place next week.

My new neighbor invited us to Play Group Wednesday morning...

So far we love the new neighborhood and are excited to get to know our neighbors.
Thank you so much to all the friends and family that pitched in to help us get settled.
We owe ya!!


Sarah said...

ha ha I like the first picture, everyone is sitting the same way. I like the pictures of Tydon in the bag too. Too funny. And what a nice boy to share his ice cream.

Jill and Travis said...

It looks like you did have a busy week. Glad to hear moving went well and you are liking your new neighborhood. Those pictures of Tydon in the bag are too funny! Don't you love finding those forgotten gems after loading your pictures!

Melanie said...

Oh dear heavens I need to send you some better ones from the BBQ of the girls! I look AWFUL!!! I love the pictures of Tydon sharing with Mason. Will you email those to me? Tydon is so thoughtful to share with him. I'm glad you're liking your new place and it sounds like you already have some fun friends. That's great! We miss you.

Judy said...

I'm so glad you got moved and settled. You will fit right in cause you are so adorable!!!! I love the pictures of you. It looks like tydon is going to have tons of friends too!!!! Thanks so much for the comment to my mom. You are so good to me!!!!!!

Danny & Crystal said...

How exciting your finally into your new place! It sounds like you guys have been working really hard! I hope you enjoy your new house and neighborhood :)

Bailey Family said...

so glad you got all moved in and getting settled! We already miss you guys!! It wont be the same without you around. I am glad that you are already making friends and having fun with your new neighbors. Just dont forget us right???

Lisa Meyer said...

Chels, I am so glad everything has worked out for you!! You hair is super cute, and Tydon is getting so big and cute as ever!!

Tyson and Alli said...

Chels, I am so glad you guys are so happy and all the moving has gone well! New adventures are just great. It is fun being able to meet new people, but always hard to leave old friends behind. I'm excited for you guys!

Jared and Jami Hobbs said...

Glad you are getting settled. Moving is so fun. We need to get together sometime soon. Hopefully Jared will be slowing down a bit. Maybe when we actually live hours away from eachother we will actually get together, its too easy always living so close. haha

Peterson Family said...

I love the little "Hands up, stand up" game you had going there in your front room! You all look like pros ;)
Don't you just love barbecuin in the summer... add a little kiddy pool and you have it made, life doesn't get any better! I love the picture of Tydon zipping himself into the bag, he has the absolute cutest smile!!!

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