From 9 to 10 months...

This cute face has officially turned into a little boy...
He's not our little baby anymore :(
In just 1 month he has gone from 2 teeth on the bottom to this...
He hasn't had any problems teething... luckily!
Still such a happy boy! He only gets whiny when it's time to eat or sleep.
He has his own sign language...
Happy or Excited!
His legs and his hands go crazy when he gets excited
And he loves to share... it's a fun game really. He gives it to you and then 
wants it back, then gives it to you again...
He loves to crawl around
and pull himself up on anything and everything.
He loves to come stand by me when I'm in the bathroom getting ready or in the kitchen cooking.
He crawls over and pulls himself up and just stands there by me, must make him feel like a big boy.
Our favorite is his "cheesball" grin. He wrinkles his nose.
He also loves to crawl over  and through things. Right before this he had crawled over the bottom bar on the stool and got high centered, but I couldn't get to my camera fast enough.
Who taught Tydon to flash signs when I take pictures of him?! He is ALL boy!
These two are so cute together. Glad they get along so well.


Jake and Baylee said...

Haha I love the pic of Tydon flashing a sign!! I can picture one of those naughty Tomlinson boys teaching him that!! haha

Judy said...

they are bothg growing so fast! sooooo cute

Chance and Beth said...

Adorable. He's looking more and more like his big brother!

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