San Diego... LA

 Can I first just say that I LOVE how cheap Allegiant Air is :)
I was able to go to California last weekend for $100 ROUND TRIP!!

Last Thursday I dropped my boys off to Gordon's sister in ID and flew to LA.
I wasn't about to get a rental car and try to drive by myself so I took the train to San Diego...
It was awesome! I've never ridden a train before and I LOVED it.
Besides the huge reclining seats... the view was my favorite! 

 I got into San Diego around 7:30pm and went to dinner with some friends.
We ate at Ruth's Chris Steak House... AMAZING!!
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That night I got to stay with one of my Best Friends!
The next morning we went to the Swap Meet and then had a yummy lunch.
So good to see Kate!!

 I had to steal this picture off facebook...
Look how cute her little girl London is!
Such a sweet face :)
Her smiles made my day...
From there I was back on the road to LA 
I had some meetings that night and then I went to dinner with some friends at a place called Big Wang's
One of the guys we were with and his cute daughter that worked there
After another great dinner I stayed the night with one of my friends from high school
Emily is a photographer in LA. It was fun to see her again and meet her boyfriend Sergio.
They are currently putting a Trailer together for a movie Emily is acting in and producing!!
So fun to see friends from High School doing great things :)
Saturday morning I got up early and headed to some meetings in LA.
Gord and his nephew Kaden flew in that morning and met me.
Yvette and her sweet mom. We love meeting new people :)
Saturday night we stayed with my cousin who also lives close to LA.
Her little girls are so cute! They were excited to have guests :)
Such a fun, fast paced weekend...
It was fun to see old friends and meet new ones.
Can't wait to go back!!

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Che and Amber said...

So fun! Makes me want to go there! Great pics! I heard that LA hit an all time high of like 113 yesterday? (Sept 28th) Crazy! Anyway, glad you had a great time! Aren't trains so fun?

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