Vegas was so much fun!!
It was a quick trip and mostly for business... well worth it!
It was great to hang out with some of our new friends :)
The Baird Brothers
Bethany... Rockstar! Loved meeting her ;)
Byron ~ Gord was real excited to meet him
Dave... so passionate and energetic! Good to see him again.
Absolutely LOVE Tana!! Another rockstar. 
 Gord and Buddy. Can't wait to visit him in Seattle someday...
Caesar's Palace Casino
Eric... true Italian!
Yummy place we ate for lunch. Cool fish tanks!
Me, Zack, Bryan & Gord
It was amazing learning about the bottle schools in Guatemala.
We hope to take a trip someday and help put one of these schools together.

Congrats to the Chappell's!!
Yvette and her husband are awesome!!
So glad Gord got to come with me.
Can't wait to see everyone in MEXICO!!

1 comment:

Peterson Family said...

Wow, I would love to do something worth while like that some day (the school)! It looks like your "business" trip was pretty tough ;)
Fun! I wish work was like that for me sometimes!

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