Before we left we celebrated this little guy's birthday
He took his friends and family on a little tractor ride...
Such a cute boy! Happy Birthday VAN :)
On the way to Idaho we saw this...
Gord and I couldn't stop laughing.
{It took us about 20 min of riding the poor biker to finally get a good picture, but it was worth it}
The night before we left we got a phone call from my cousin telling us that Ashtyn had fallen off her horse and BROKEN HER FEMUR!!
She's real tough though and hasn't cried yet :)
I can't believe my brother is a Senior... makes me feel old
Football season is in full swing and he's playin great!
Happy 4th Birthday to this cutie!
She made a haul :)
Gord and his nephews played a friendly game of "Sting Pong" that results in this!
Braxton lost :)
And of course we couldn't come home without stopping at the Blackfoot Fair
Tydon was so excited to ride the rides.
He did chores last week to earn his tickets.

Gord even had fun!
Tydon loved having Briggs there too {he loves his cousins}
Henson was wore out!
Tydon is all about posing for pictures these days...
Every bite of food he takes lately makes his "muscles move"
 But the best part of the fair is seeing your friends :)
It's always fun to go home and see the fam!


heather said...

Such a fun weekend...and so jelous that you got to go to the fair.

Kate Call said...

SOOSOO glad i got to see you while we were home!! even if it was for a few minutes at the good ole fair! thanks for wanting to chill with me for a while even though i was a circus that day!! love you

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