Fun with the Wood Fam

Last weekend was a BLAST!
Gordon's sister Teri and her family came Thursday night to stay for the weekend. That meant 6 extra people staying at our house. Quite the PARTY!!
Tydon and Briggs takin a bath

Gordon's niece Lindsey got married so the whole Wood Fam (about 45) was here for the big day.
The reception was beautiful...
Lots of Dancin...
Aren't Gord's parents so cute!
Look mom I'm fishin...
Cotton Eyed Joe

Tydon loved being swung around in the sheets
by Braxton and Teri
The weather was AMAZING for a February day so the kids played outside on the playground by our house.
The girls went shopping... the boys....

Gordon went with his nephews Braxton and Tanner to a foam pit to PLAY!!



These boys had a BLAST!! Glad none of them were seriously injured.

I love Gordon's family so much! They are all so much fun to be around and I'm so grateful to be a part of such a close family. Hope to see them all again real soon!


Judy said...

What a wonderful weekend for you. And Congrats on the wedding!

Kate & Jeremy said...

gord seriously does have one of the greatest families ever. i love how many of them there are. looks like a rock'n weekend! and now its about time for us to have a fab weekend together.... excited for saturday!

Amber and Che said...

What a beautiful wedding my gosh! I love the colors and especially the brides maid dresses. But what a fun weekend!

Danny & Crystal said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend! It's always nice to have family visit!

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