Gordon's FIRST business TRIP...

And the spouses were invited!!!
We left Wednesday evening after work and flew to sunny Huntington Beach, CA.
The hotel was AMAZING...

I loved these little golf figurines...
We went to a few meetings, layed at the pool and went to the beach...

Thursday evening was semi-formal night where we were "wined" and dined. It was fun having some of our best friends there to hang out with.

The meal...
Love HIM!!
Gordon surprised me with breakfast in bed!! YUM~
The spouses didn't need to be there early so I got to sleep in.
Later that morning the spouses filled two charter buses and they drove us to the
This is a bowling alley/cocktail lounge like you've never seen before!
Our bowling socks and shoes were there waiting for us...
It was quite the party... with 31 lanes of crazy fun!!
Team: Life in the Fast Lane...
After the buffet lunch and bowling the spouses were all thanked for their support to Kiewit employees and we all got Tommy Bahama watches!!
We headed back to the hotel to find Hawaiian shirts on our beds. We got changed and headed out to the beach for a group photo. I was excited to wear a REAL Hawaiian Orchid lei.
Dinner was served in the ballroom with a Polynesian theme.
A few of the guys learned to Hula...
It was a fun evening to remember.

Kiewit provided us with breakfast and let us have Saturday to ourselves to enjoy Cali. We decided to join some of the other couples and went to
We went with 3 other couples from Gordon's office.
We got there when the park opened and stayed until we couldn't walk anymore...

The highlight of my evening was when I saw Mickey and he posed for a picture.
We ended the evening with a final soak in the hot tub and slept in Sunday morning before we flew home.

Goodbye sunny California...
It was a fabulous vacation and exciting weekend away! I am so grateful for Gordon and his willingness to work hard. He is my Best Friend and I love him so much!!
We sure did miss this cute kid though!
We are so grateful for Gordon's new job and the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing company. We look forward to this annual meeting next year :)

Thanks to the fam for watching Tydon so we could enjoy a weekend away... We love you!

Miscellaneous Monday Tip

1 day Disneyland tickets are normally $94 per person for Parkhopper tickets
(Disney theme park/California Adventure)

Don't pay FULL PRICE!!

I was able to find 2 Adult Parkhopper tickets on
EBAY for $71.
You can also look on Craigslist. (Anaheim)

I'd be happy to give you the number for Wendy, the lady I purchased from, so you don't have to worry about bidding.

Super Bowl Party...

Gordon and I got home from Cali just after kick off so we headed over to our friends house for some football, food and fun.

We have made some great friends here in Utah!!
Thanks for inviting us Furners!


Bradshaw's said...

WOW! Man I wish I could have stowed in your suitcase! It looks like you guys had a great time. I'm happy you made it back safely. Thanks for stopping by and visiting by the way, it was great to see you!

Jarae said...

K so I'm jealous. Looks like you guys had so much fun. I want to go somewhere warm. Hope you guys are doing great. Love ya

Peterson Family said...

That vacation couldn't have been timed better, you were able to leave this freezing weather and enjoy the beach! That sounded like such a fun trip and I am SO JEALOUS.
My favorite pictures were the ones of you guys on the beach, you are such a stinkin cute couple!!!

The Caywood Family said...

Ok... I don't believe you... I saw nothing of a Business Trip... :) Did Gordon have any meetings at all? Looks like you guys just had a blast.

Danny & Crystal said...

That's awesome that you & your hubby were able to go on a trip together! That's fun you were somewhere warm during the cold winter! I'm glad you guys had a good time!

Angie & Neal said...

Chels--looks like you had so much fun! Didn't ya love the warm weather?! You look so darn cute in every single I just love your swimsuit/beach outfit! SO CUTE!!! Where did you get that?

Jill and Travis said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You lucky duck! The whole trip sounds awesome! And your banner is so cute by the way. You are so creative! I have to ask, the girl in the purple on the end in the wife shopping picture--is her name Lindsey? If so, I went to high school with her! If not, she looks like Lindsey.

Workmans said...

What a fun trip!! Like everyone else I am so JEALOUS! I had no idea that Gordon and Jared work for the same company. Thats gotta make it more fun. Parker was just asking about Tydon last night before he went to bed. I can't believe he is already 2. Time is flyin! Glad you guys had such a great time!

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