Some Valentine Fun...

We have made some great friends here in Utah!!
Tydon was invited to his first Valentine Party last week...

The kids decorated their bags...
Ate yummy treats...
and passed out Valentines...
Thanks Melinda for the fun party!!!

Valentine's Day came early this year!!
Really... it was just timing, but I'll claim it as an exciting gift this year!!

After moving to Utah we knew it was time to get a new car. Gordon was going to be taking our Civic to work everyday and that meant I was stuck with his pick up.
Gordon loved his baby. He had a new stereo in it and XM radio... He LOVES music!!
I cried last week as we took his pick-up into the dealership to be traded on our new car. I felt bad that Gordon couldn't keep his truck. I'm sure it was hard for Gordon to say goodbye to his pick up. Every man deserves a truck!!
But Gordon doesn't need it anymore for construction so it makes sense to get a bigger car for the fam. I'm super excited about the upgrade, but will miss the Duramax.
Thanks Gord!!

Last weekend we got to go back home to IDAHO to visit family.

Saturday we celebrated the baptism of my cousin Ashtyn Hope.
Gordon confirmed her after her baptism. It was a special day for her and her family.
Congrats Ashtyn. We are so excited for you and happy we could be there to celebrate this special day with you. We love you!

I'm so happy we got to see my family this weekend.
I'm grateful for all of my family and their love for me and my little family.
Can't wait to see you again in a couple weeks!!


Kate & Jeremy said...

first of all.. FUN valentines!
second.. I LOVE YOUR NEW CAR.. i knew you were looking, but didnt know you bought. so exciting. so cute.
k... def NEXT week. chase and brooke are coming this weekend too. we seriously are running out of time as neighbors! about 8 weeks and we are out for a couple of years. kind of exciting. scary. fun. promise you'll come visit?!! call me soon, and lets get a shin dig planned! love ya friend

Peterson Family said...

Every man does deserve a truck, Travis would love a Duramax some day. That is such a great idea to have a little Valentines Day party!
About the blog book, I went through and it automatically uploads all of your posts but most of the pictures are really small if you keep them in that format. Play around with the different formats and pictures. I was really pleased with our book and it really is a great price. Good luck, if you have any questions at all just let me know.

Jarae said...

The valentine's party for Tydon and the kids was so cute, such a good idea. By the way I absolutely love your car. It's always nice to have something new.

Chelsea said...

What a fun V-Day for you! You are such a cute mom.

Workmans said...

Yeah Tydon's first valentine's party....I am quite sure I can say with confidence that he was all the girl's favorite valentine. What a heart throb!! And hooray for you guys getting a new car! What a great Valentine's day!!!

Danny & Crystal said...

Your new car is so nice, how fun! The pictures of the Valentine's Day party were so cute--how fun!

Lance and Chelsea Lawrence said...

cute car chels! I understand how you feel, I drive Lance's huge truck everyday and he's just lucky I haven't hit anything yet!

Judy said...

I'm sure you guys are fitting in your new area just fine, You are awesome and people will love you. and what a fun party for Tydon. Love the car. Soooooo glad things are going good in your life. What a blessing!

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