Miscellaneous Monday...

It's time for a little Miscellaneous fun!!
How To...

Make Mini Bow Hair Clips

These would make fun homemade gifts for baby showers or for your own little ones!!
Make a Backpack Bag
Love this great tutorial. I need to get ambitious and try this one. Tydon would love one!!
Make Recycled Bows
Think how much money you could save at Christmas time!!

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Valentine's Day!!
After being married almost 5 years, I'm no expert, but I LOVE going on dates with my best friend as often as we can. It truly is a MUST when kids come along so here is a blog post to keep that LOVE alive

A Year’s Worth of Weekly Cheap Dates

And lastly... I know lots of us are still new to this Blogging thing and would like to have our questions answered. Find lots of those answers at

Blogging Basics 101

Happy Monday and congrats to the Pay it Forward winners!!!
Shout out to friends who announced they are having babies!!!
Congrats, I am so excited for you!!
Angie and Neal
Rachael and Doug
Crystal and Jordan

They are all going to be great parents!!


Amber and Che said...

I know isn't it great all of these friends having babies! Soon you will be putting my name on your blog Chels and congratulating me! I don't know when but you will ha ha. I hope soon! By the way I love your miscellaneous Mondays. Always giving great ideas! Thanks!

Danny & Crystal said...

Thanks for the great ideas and tips! That's so exciting about all of these babies--how fun, congrats to all of the expecting parents!

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