Eaton Family Reunion

Last weekend we were able to spend the weekend in Island Park for my dad's family reunion.
We left early Friday morning and met my parents at the condo and headed to West Yellowstone.
It had been quite a while since all of us had been through the park.
First stop Old Faithful...
Tydon was really excited when it finally went off.
Then we were back on the road to West.
We stopped there and had dinner and did some shopping...
Tydon wanted to ride the buffalo outside our restaurant.

Saturday morning we slept in!! All of us except Gord. His brother picked him up at 6am and they went fishing.
After breakfast we got all geared up and went for a 4 wheeler ride to Big Springs.

Tydon LOVED wearing Brody's old helmet
My mom even got her FIRST motorbike lesson :)
She did great!

We fed the big fish and baby ducks...
and visited the little cabin there.
Then Tydon and I went back and took a nap while my parents and Brody went on a motorbike ride --- Gord went golfing ;)

All weekend this is where you could find Tydon...
The kids LOVED going for rides...
My dad and a few of the kids... and Brody

We couldn't get enough of the cute puppies either
Saturday night...
We gathered around the campfire to update the family on our lives and share some of our favorite memories of Grandma and Grandpa Eaton.
My dad is the baby of 9 kids so it is a large family to keep up with.

Gord was wore out from fishing and golf so he took Tydon back to the condo to go to bed and this is what we found when we got back...
I love that he can fall asleep anywhere :)

Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast and packed up to go home.
We stopped at my parents for a few hours and Tydon begged Gord for a ride on the little motorcycle.
Love these cute boys!

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a fun weekend... it went by way too fast!
*We love you*


Kate & Jeremy said...

good times with the eaton fam! looks fun! and back the train up... i just looked at your "baby counter" and its said almost 28 weeks! CHELS!!! where does time go?? can't believe you are already that far along.. is it just me or do your pregnancies fly! its because you never whine or complain! i love your lil bellay! so cute on you!
... i'm obsessed with that puppy you posted a picture of.. love!

Dot said...

always love your blog!

Mike, Sha, Kenna, & Kate said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Love the pic of Gordon and Tydon on the little four wheeler. Your little belly is way to cute!

Judy said...

I love to go to West!!!! What a fun time you had. I'll bet Tydon had a blast. He is at such a fun age!!!! Hey thanks for all your comments and support you have given me!!!! Sure do love ya!

Peterson Family said...

Its been a while since we've been up to Yellowstone, I don't know how good Kaydence would be in the car but it looks like Tydon had a blast (especially on the bikes which it looks like he was on 90 percent of the time). He is the cutest little toe head! Way cute pictures!

Danny & Crystal said...

What a fun family reunion! Looks like you guys had a great time & did lots of fun things!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Did you guys go camping over the 4th of july and if so where did you go. Cause we went camping over the 4th in Island park we camped at Sawtelle resort.

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