One of my best friends...

This is one of my best friends. Nikki and I grew up next to each other and we have lots of fun Summer memories together... from playing in our tree house, late night movies, scooter rides, macaroni and cheese, pizza rolls, and millions of otter pops. She is the one that got me addicted to sewing and I LOVE her for it!!
Nikki was suppose to spend the whole Summer in Germany, but came home early and we are so glad she did. She came to Utah for a few days and spent one day with Tydon and I. We took her to the Library for "Story Time" and then went to the Legacy Center swimming. We had to finish the day with snow cones.
Welcome Home Nikki... thanks for coming to visit!
Love ya :)


Judy said...

Nothing is better for the heart than an old friends! Glad you had a blast!

Tyson and Alli said...

I love spending time with old friends! Too fun. We need to get together one of these days, speaking of which! :)

Peterson Family said...

That is so fun being able to reminisce with your best childhood friends. I can just tell there are a lot of stories!
Hey speaking of friends, we just purchased some coaches through KSL and the people we bought them from were in your old ward, Joslin was her name. They were so sweet and she was telling me how sweet you were to her. Anyway, I didn't realize how close you really were to where we are now! Crazy! Well I can tell you are loving your new home! You guys are awesome!

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