Pioneer Day

Living in Utah has given me a greater appreciation for this special day.
They go all out here... what a celebration!
We are so blessed to live where we do and know some of the stories of the pioneers who settled this great valley.

Gord got the day off and of course he started the day golfing while Tydon and I watched the Grand Parade on TV. It was awesome!
Tydon was excited to go to the fair... he even dressed himself!
(sweet Spongebob pajama pants)
After Gord got home and a quick change of clothes...
we headed to Spanish Fork to join in the celebration.
Tydon loved the rides at the fair...
I even got to ride one ;)
It was neat to see some of the first cabins built in Spanish Fork and the amazing quilt show.
Gord gave Tydon a little roping lesson
There was even a blacksmith demonstrating his skills
I love spending time with my boys!

Saturday was a special day...
Tydon went to Gord's sister's for the day and he took me on an all day date!!
We started it out at my cousin's luncheon~Congrats to Glen and Jamie~
Then we went looking for a few things we need...
A bassinet for our "little man" (still haven't found one I love)
Shirts for family pics (I'm so excited)
A birthday present for myself (I can never decide)
and of course out to eat...
I love Cheesecake Factory!!
Thanks Gord for spending the day with me...
He always knows how to make me feel important and is the person I would choose to shop with any day of the week.


Danny & Crystal said...

How fun! They don't do anything over here for the 24th of July, so it was fun to see pictures! How sweet of your hubby to take you on an all day date--looked like you guys had a great time!

Malcom Family said...

We love the Cheesecake factory too. We went last week and it looks like we ordered the same thing as you minus that yummy looking drink. Anyway, you look great, still hardly look preggo.

Chance and Beth said...

That is so sweet. I can't remember the last time I got to spend and entire day with my hubby to myself. Oh well. I know he wouldn't be happy about shopping either! Love it!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

ohh my gosh your little boy is getting so big!! How cute is he.. So you love living in utah? Me and mitch are looking around somewhere in utah so maybe we'll be neighbors!

Angie said...

Glad you had a fun day--it was weird in Cali for Pioneer Day because nothing even happened, I think they may have mentioned in the newspaper but other than that...NOTHING. I missed the parade and BBQ that Iona usually does :)I hear Utah goes all out so glad you got to enjoy!

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