Fabulous Birthday and Great Deals

Thanks to all the great friends and family that remembered my birthday.
I had lots of phone calls, texts, facebook messages and cards.
I really felt special this year!
Gord took Tydon and I to Olive Garden for Lunch (I've been craving their salad dressing and breadsticks) and then
I met him at Texas Roadhouse for dinner! I've never eaten so good in one day (LOVED not cooking for a day :)

When I got home Gord was waiting with my gifts...
Yes he wrapped them all himself!
Birthday Cake...
He said, "I didn't think it could get any better... Princesses, Cupcakes and Jewelry all in the same box."
I was really excited about the digital frame for pictures!
The BEST gift though...
Gord personalized the coupons...
Dinner for 2
Shopping Spree with him
Breakfast in Bed
"I'm Right" Coupon ha ha
Night out
Movie Night
Theater Night
Golf Lesson
Hugs & Kisses
Redbox Night
One piece of furniture built by Gord
Lunch dates
Craving Runs

I couldn't ask for a better husband... I'm so grateful for how special he makes me feel. He truly is my best friend!


This morning
I went to
Shade's Warehouse Sale in Pleasant Grove
I got a few shirts and these...
Guess how much I paid???

I saved $75 !!! Just on the swimsuits

I'm super excited because they fit over my growing belly too :)
We have been swimming LOTS this Summer so I'm excited to have a couple more options.


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

CUTE!! I want a new swimming suit as cute as yours! hah your gonna be one cute pregnant mom in those swimming suits!


Looks like you had a great day and got spoiled!!

Chance and Beth said...

What a fun day! Happy birthday. Everything is so cute. I love all the matching paper. What a sweetie you've got!

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