Wood Family Reunion

Last weekend was pretty exciting!
Gord took Friday off to help me get ready for the big weekend and play golf with his brothers
He even made breakfast :)

Later that day our house turned into a motel and went from 3 to 13!!
We love having visitors...
Later that night the guys either went golfing or bowling.
The girls had a combined baby shower.
Gord has a niece and sis-in-law expecting in September and I'm due in October. Laurel was late so Kelsie and I opened our gifts together.
Some of Gord's cute nieces...
Lindsey pulled out all of her cute jewelry she's been making... she's awesome!
Saturday morning we woke up and had a big breakfast... French Toast, Buttermilk Syrup and Bacon... YUM!!
The kids got bored waiting for the adults to get ready...

Then we ALL headed to Seven Peaks for the day
Tydon got a ride in...
The Wood Fam
We had a blast!!
Tydon loved the big slides with dad
Floatin with mom
Ike needed a cat nap... cute shoes!
Gord and Byron
(Look at Gord's face)
Teri and Baylee
Corbin and Trey
Tydon was pretty independent and did great!
He loves his cousins
Even Grandma went down the slide :)
We were all wore out by 5pm and headed back to shower and get ready for a BBQ at the Mitchell's
Ring around the rosie...
and they all fall down!
A little piano concert from Tydon and Berkli
(Tydon wants a piano so bad!)
Cute Mamie
(Crazy to think our little man will be this size next year this time)
Tydon LOVES helmets

Crazy girls
We even got to finish the night off with the American Fork fireworks
Some of the family went home Saturday evening or Sunday morning, but those that were able to stuck around for some more fun.
Sunday night we ate some more yummy food...

and had a friendly game of Cranium Turbo!!
Gord's family is so much fun!
Thanks everyone for a fabulous weekend...


Landon&Shauna said...

Looks like you guys had an a blast at your reunion! Tydon is so dang cute! Hope all is going well!

Peterson Family said...

Turbo Cranium is one of my favorite board games! What a fun family reunion! Family is the best! Seven Peaks looked so fun, you got some great pictures. I can't believe what a stud Tydon is, he is so cute! You look so great Chelsi!!!

Danny & Crystal said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had an awesome time with all of your visitors--and yummy food too! I haven't been to Seven Peaks for a really long time--looked like a blast :)

Lisa Meyer said...

Oh my goodness!! It looks like you have a very big weekend!! But SOO FUN!

Judy said...

What a blast. I love 7 peaks. What a great place to have a reunion~!!!!

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