Fabulous Birthday and Great Deals

Thanks to all the great friends and family that remembered my birthday.
I had lots of phone calls, texts, facebook messages and cards.
I really felt special this year!
Gord took Tydon and I to Olive Garden for Lunch (I've been craving their salad dressing and breadsticks) and then
I met him at Texas Roadhouse for dinner! I've never eaten so good in one day (LOVED not cooking for a day :)

When I got home Gord was waiting with my gifts...
Yes he wrapped them all himself!
Birthday Cake...
He said, "I didn't think it could get any better... Princesses, Cupcakes and Jewelry all in the same box."
I was really excited about the digital frame for pictures!
The BEST gift though...
Gord personalized the coupons...
Dinner for 2
Shopping Spree with him
Breakfast in Bed
"I'm Right" Coupon ha ha
Night out
Movie Night
Theater Night
Golf Lesson
Hugs & Kisses
Redbox Night
One piece of furniture built by Gord
Lunch dates
Craving Runs

I couldn't ask for a better husband... I'm so grateful for how special he makes me feel. He truly is my best friend!


This morning
I went to
Shade's Warehouse Sale in Pleasant Grove
I got a few shirts and these...
Guess how much I paid???

I saved $75 !!! Just on the swimsuits

I'm super excited because they fit over my growing belly too :)
We have been swimming LOTS this Summer so I'm excited to have a couple more options.


Pioneer Day

Living in Utah has given me a greater appreciation for this special day.
They go all out here... what a celebration!
We are so blessed to live where we do and know some of the stories of the pioneers who settled this great valley.

Gord got the day off and of course he started the day golfing while Tydon and I watched the Grand Parade on TV. It was awesome!
Tydon was excited to go to the fair... he even dressed himself!
(sweet Spongebob pajama pants)
After Gord got home and a quick change of clothes...
we headed to Spanish Fork to join in the celebration.
Tydon loved the rides at the fair...
I even got to ride one ;)
It was neat to see some of the first cabins built in Spanish Fork and the amazing quilt show.
Gord gave Tydon a little roping lesson
There was even a blacksmith demonstrating his skills
I love spending time with my boys!

Saturday was a special day...
Tydon went to Gord's sister's for the day and he took me on an all day date!!
We started it out at my cousin's luncheon~Congrats to Glen and Jamie~
Then we went looking for a few things we need...
A bassinet for our "little man" (still haven't found one I love)
Shirts for family pics (I'm so excited)
A birthday present for myself (I can never decide)
and of course out to eat...
I love Cheesecake Factory!!
Thanks Gord for spending the day with me...
He always knows how to make me feel important and is the person I would choose to shop with any day of the week.


One of my best friends...

This is one of my best friends. Nikki and I grew up next to each other and we have lots of fun Summer memories together... from playing in our tree house, late night movies, scooter rides, macaroni and cheese, pizza rolls, and millions of otter pops. She is the one that got me addicted to sewing and I LOVE her for it!!
Nikki was suppose to spend the whole Summer in Germany, but came home early and we are so glad she did. She came to Utah for a few days and spent one day with Tydon and I. We took her to the Library for "Story Time" and then went to the Legacy Center swimming. We had to finish the day with snow cones.
Welcome Home Nikki... thanks for coming to visit!
Love ya :)


Wood Family Reunion

Last weekend was pretty exciting!
Gord took Friday off to help me get ready for the big weekend and play golf with his brothers
He even made breakfast :)

Later that day our house turned into a motel and went from 3 to 13!!
We love having visitors...
Later that night the guys either went golfing or bowling.
The girls had a combined baby shower.
Gord has a niece and sis-in-law expecting in September and I'm due in October. Laurel was late so Kelsie and I opened our gifts together.
Some of Gord's cute nieces...
Lindsey pulled out all of her cute jewelry she's been making... she's awesome!
Saturday morning we woke up and had a big breakfast... French Toast, Buttermilk Syrup and Bacon... YUM!!
The kids got bored waiting for the adults to get ready...

Then we ALL headed to Seven Peaks for the day
Tydon got a ride in...
The Wood Fam
We had a blast!!
Tydon loved the big slides with dad
Floatin with mom
Ike needed a cat nap... cute shoes!
Gord and Byron
(Look at Gord's face)
Teri and Baylee
Corbin and Trey
Tydon was pretty independent and did great!
He loves his cousins
Even Grandma went down the slide :)
We were all wore out by 5pm and headed back to shower and get ready for a BBQ at the Mitchell's
Ring around the rosie...
and they all fall down!
A little piano concert from Tydon and Berkli
(Tydon wants a piano so bad!)
Cute Mamie
(Crazy to think our little man will be this size next year this time)
Tydon LOVES helmets

Crazy girls
We even got to finish the night off with the American Fork fireworks
Some of the family went home Saturday evening or Sunday morning, but those that were able to stuck around for some more fun.
Sunday night we ate some more yummy food...

and had a friendly game of Cranium Turbo!!
Gord's family is so much fun!
Thanks everyone for a fabulous weekend...

Eaton Family Reunion

Last weekend we were able to spend the weekend in Island Park for my dad's family reunion.
We left early Friday morning and met my parents at the condo and headed to West Yellowstone.
It had been quite a while since all of us had been through the park.
First stop Old Faithful...
Tydon was really excited when it finally went off.
Then we were back on the road to West.
We stopped there and had dinner and did some shopping...
Tydon wanted to ride the buffalo outside our restaurant.

Saturday morning we slept in!! All of us except Gord. His brother picked him up at 6am and they went fishing.
After breakfast we got all geared up and went for a 4 wheeler ride to Big Springs.

Tydon LOVED wearing Brody's old helmet
My mom even got her FIRST motorbike lesson :)
She did great!

We fed the big fish and baby ducks...
and visited the little cabin there.
Then Tydon and I went back and took a nap while my parents and Brody went on a motorbike ride --- Gord went golfing ;)

All weekend this is where you could find Tydon...
The kids LOVED going for rides...
My dad and a few of the kids... and Brody

We couldn't get enough of the cute puppies either
Saturday night...
We gathered around the campfire to update the family on our lives and share some of our favorite memories of Grandma and Grandpa Eaton.
My dad is the baby of 9 kids so it is a large family to keep up with.

Gord was wore out from fishing and golf so he took Tydon back to the condo to go to bed and this is what we found when we got back...
I love that he can fall asleep anywhere :)

Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast and packed up to go home.
We stopped at my parents for a few hours and Tydon begged Gord for a ride on the little motorcycle.
Love these cute boys!

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a fun weekend... it went by way too fast!
*We love you*
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