A couple more projects completed

I've heard the transition to a new brother or sister can be helped when they come with a gift so I have put together a little back pack for Tydon from Baby Brother.
I made a couple of things to go inside.

Reversible Cape
Click on link for Tutorial I used
I found this fleece as a remnant and thought they would be perfect
for some pajama pants
I'm so excited to see his reaction... he LOVES football and always looks for the cape to play with at the gym.
(Only 2 more days til Itty Bitty Football!!)

I have been LOVING my new diaper bag.
It actually has more pockets than the other one did - guess it was meant to be ;)
It came with a changing pad, bottle insulator, extra bag and wallet
But it just wasn't complete without a matching wipe case...
I still can't believe the weather...
Great time for
New Peas and Potatoes
Click on the link for the recipe on my Sew n Things blog
This is one of Gord's favorites!! So easy and delish :)

This weekend would be the ideal time for a baby...
Another storm coming in
It's a FULL MOON!!

We'll see what the doc says tomorrow...


Daniel, Kathryn, Lincoln and McKay said...

Chelsi, you are so creative and amazing! That is a great idea to make a gift bag for big brother. Also, the diaper bag is incredible! I want one. let me know when the little one comes. Good luck!

Kate & Jeremy said...

stop it already. you're wearing me out! will you come help me be motivated, domestic, and cute when i'm pregnant?! can't wait to hear what the dr says tomorrow. good luck friend!

Bailey Family said...

I LOVE peas and potatoes, I grew up eating them in Idaho with my grandparents. Will you give me the recipe?? Also, again I love all the new crafts!

Landon&Shauna said...

You are such a neat mom Chels!! Good luck can't wait to hear the news:)!

heather said...

Love the bag! OKay, so please tell me how you make capes. I can't work with out patterns.
Oh, and good luck with the Dr. tomorrow.

Holly said...

Oh my gosh! You're getting so close! I found your blog off of my brothers blog...hopefully you remember us! I'm going to send you and invite to our blog so you can come and see...not as cute as your's. We are due at the end of this month. Good luck on the upcoming baby!

Tyson and Alli said...

Peas and potatoes sound wonderful right now! (Even though it's 9:45 am ha ha) I can't get over that diaper bag. It is so great! I hope things go well over these next days. I can't wait for you guys and your new little one!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

Where did you get that super cute diaper bag!! I love it, and as always I love your creative ideas, I can't wait to hang out with you and hopefully you can rub a little of your creativity off on me, believe me you have plenty to spare! I hope your baby comes soon!!

Judy said...

Cute cute stuff! Love the daiper bag!

Pierce Family said...

I am totally jealous of your diaper bag and I can't wait to try the new peas and potatoes recipe!

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