Staying busy...

This Summer has been fun and exciting. My friend Melinda put together a list of Play Group Activities for every Monday throughout the Summer. Tydon has loved being able to see his friends from West Jordan on the weeks that we make it. This week we went to the Tracy Aviary Museum to see the birds...
After the birds we ate lunch and the kids played at the park.
Last week the Circus came to town so they had a parade at Gateway Mall.
We rode with some friends and Tydon got to sit between two of his girlfriends ;)
The parade was short and sweet, but great! The kids loved it.

I wish we could have made it to the Circus, but got to spend time with Gord's family instead.
Gord's niece's baby was blessed on Sunday.
Van Tyson Anderson
He wore his dad's blessing outfit
Cute Lil Fam
Tydon loves playing with his cousins... they are so good to him.
I'm working on Tydon's present from Baby Brother and a few more last minute projects before "Baby Brother pops out," as Tydon would say ;)


Danny & Crystal said...

Looks like you guys have been having a great time! I loved all of the circus pictures--how fun! I can't believe you're due in 9 days! That's awesome that you're still having lots of fun :)

Judy said...

So much fun stuff to do down there! Hope you are feeling good.

Bailey Family said...

I love that you are nesting so much and getting everything ready to go for the baby. You are getting so close! I guess it is nice to have a time frame to get things done by then it pushes you to actually do them, well it would for me. Looks like you have been having fun, the circus, and aviary looked like lots of fun. HOpefully i will see you at playgroup soon when we both go. I love little tydon's smile, he is going to be the best big brother!

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