It's out for delivery...

I checked my tracking number this morning and I should have it sometime this afternoon!!
I can hardly wait. Some of you have heard my diaper bag drama...
Read below if you really want to know ;)
Now for the story...
I started looking for a diaper bag in July. Gord took me to cute baby boutique in Salt Lake and they had Timi and Leslie diaper bags. I didn't love the one they had, but I went home and looked up the brand on the internet. Oh boy!! I could hardly contain myself, I LOVED them... except for the price tag and Gordon didn't even blink without a "NOPE." After that he gave me a generous allowance of $90, but of course none of the bags fit the budget.

So after lots of looking online I knew I wanted a Timi and Leslie, but just needed to find a cheap one to feel good about it. When I went back to the boutique in SLC they had about 5 different styles and I was beside myself. Gordon looked at all of them with me and let me dream ;) I couldn't find anything else that didn't look like a regular diaper bag, with the organization or the accessories. So after MUCH looking I found the one I LOVED on SALE and my family gave me $ for my birthday so I decided I wanted to splurge a little on the perfect diaper bag. Afterall I'm having another boy so we really haven't had to buy anything big this time around. I finally ordered this one... in BLACK
I loved the outside pockets for easy access to my keys, camara and phone... and it comes with a bottle insulator, changing pad, clutch wallet, and an extra zipper bag.

I found the bag on sale and then found an extra coupon to use on top of that so I was only $30 over my budget from Gordon. I used my b-day $ from the fam and could hardly wait. Then after I placed the order I recieved a cancelation e-mail a few days later saying that they were out of Black and it wouldn't be back in stock until October. They wouldn't honor the sale price at that time so I was bummed, but I didn't give up;) I found another site with a similar price, but would have ended up paying a little bit more. (I could have had the bag in a different color, but I was set on Black) Same thing happened. They didn't cancel my order, but told me I would have to pay full retail once it was back in stock. NO GOOD! So I talked to the lady and asked to be put on the waiting list and someone would contact me to let me know what the new price would be. I kept searching and found a site that was going to honor the sale price after it was back in stock so I just went a head and ordered from them. IT HAPPENED AGAIN!! This time I was told that the item had been discontinued so there was no chance of me getting the bag at all... You can imagine how I felt at this point.

But I didn't give up... I loved several other styles, but was stuck on having outside pockets for easy access so... I found the top bag on Sale and with another coupon my total ended up being

I guess it was just meant to be, I stayed under budget ;)

Now you all know how vein I am!!


Caleb and Ash said...

That's completely hilarious. Sounds totally like something most of us would do, and just not admit to, so props to you for being honest, and props to you for staying under budget! And by the way, SO CUTE!

Kate & Jeremy said...

you get your cute little pregnant bum on the internet and get me that light brown one you have a picture of! i LOVE it.. just as a purse! black will be so cute too.
i remember you telling me about this diaper bag months ago.. didn't know you were having a fiasco about it.. sorry! but not so sorry you ended up getting a fab deal on it ;) yah! can't wait to see it in person.

Tyson and Alli said...

I LOVE those bags! I love the look of diaper bags that look more like chic purses. Good for you!

Hay and J said...

Wow super hot bag! Especially for a diaper bag! Congrats on the hard work!

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