A couple more projects completed

I've heard the transition to a new brother or sister can be helped when they come with a gift so I have put together a little back pack for Tydon from Baby Brother.
I made a couple of things to go inside.

Reversible Cape
Click on link for Tutorial I used
I found this fleece as a remnant and thought they would be perfect
for some pajama pants
I'm so excited to see his reaction... he LOVES football and always looks for the cape to play with at the gym.
(Only 2 more days til Itty Bitty Football!!)

I have been LOVING my new diaper bag.
It actually has more pockets than the other one did - guess it was meant to be ;)
It came with a changing pad, bottle insulator, extra bag and wallet
But it just wasn't complete without a matching wipe case...
I still can't believe the weather...
Great time for
New Peas and Potatoes
Click on the link for the recipe on my Sew n Things blog
This is one of Gord's favorites!! So easy and delish :)

This weekend would be the ideal time for a baby...
Another storm coming in
It's a FULL MOON!!

We'll see what the doc says tomorrow...


Staying busy...

This Summer has been fun and exciting. My friend Melinda put together a list of Play Group Activities for every Monday throughout the Summer. Tydon has loved being able to see his friends from West Jordan on the weeks that we make it. This week we went to the Tracy Aviary Museum to see the birds...
After the birds we ate lunch and the kids played at the park.
Last week the Circus came to town so they had a parade at Gateway Mall.
We rode with some friends and Tydon got to sit between two of his girlfriends ;)
The parade was short and sweet, but great! The kids loved it.

I wish we could have made it to the Circus, but got to spend time with Gord's family instead.
Gord's niece's baby was blessed on Sunday.
Van Tyson Anderson
He wore his dad's blessing outfit
Cute Lil Fam
Tydon loves playing with his cousins... they are so good to him.
I'm working on Tydon's present from Baby Brother and a few more last minute projects before "Baby Brother pops out," as Tydon would say ;)


It's out for delivery...

I checked my tracking number this morning and I should have it sometime this afternoon!!
I can hardly wait. Some of you have heard my diaper bag drama...
Read below if you really want to know ;)
Now for the story...
I started looking for a diaper bag in July. Gord took me to cute baby boutique in Salt Lake and they had Timi and Leslie diaper bags. I didn't love the one they had, but I went home and looked up the brand on the internet. Oh boy!! I could hardly contain myself, I LOVED them... except for the price tag and Gordon didn't even blink without a "NOPE." After that he gave me a generous allowance of $90, but of course none of the bags fit the budget.

So after lots of looking online I knew I wanted a Timi and Leslie, but just needed to find a cheap one to feel good about it. When I went back to the boutique in SLC they had about 5 different styles and I was beside myself. Gordon looked at all of them with me and let me dream ;) I couldn't find anything else that didn't look like a regular diaper bag, with the organization or the accessories. So after MUCH looking I found the one I LOVED on SALE and my family gave me $ for my birthday so I decided I wanted to splurge a little on the perfect diaper bag. Afterall I'm having another boy so we really haven't had to buy anything big this time around. I finally ordered this one... in BLACK
I loved the outside pockets for easy access to my keys, camara and phone... and it comes with a bottle insulator, changing pad, clutch wallet, and an extra zipper bag.

I found the bag on sale and then found an extra coupon to use on top of that so I was only $30 over my budget from Gordon. I used my b-day $ from the fam and could hardly wait. Then after I placed the order I recieved a cancelation e-mail a few days later saying that they were out of Black and it wouldn't be back in stock until October. They wouldn't honor the sale price at that time so I was bummed, but I didn't give up;) I found another site with a similar price, but would have ended up paying a little bit more. (I could have had the bag in a different color, but I was set on Black) Same thing happened. They didn't cancel my order, but told me I would have to pay full retail once it was back in stock. NO GOOD! So I talked to the lady and asked to be put on the waiting list and someone would contact me to let me know what the new price would be. I kept searching and found a site that was going to honor the sale price after it was back in stock so I just went a head and ordered from them. IT HAPPENED AGAIN!! This time I was told that the item had been discontinued so there was no chance of me getting the bag at all... You can imagine how I felt at this point.

But I didn't give up... I loved several other styles, but was stuck on having outside pockets for easy access so... I found the top bag on Sale and with another coupon my total ended up being

I guess it was just meant to be, I stayed under budget ;)

Now you all know how vein I am!!



Wednesday night Gord took Tydon fishing.
They both were so excited all day...
While they were gone I finished up a couple projects, used up some zucchini and got out the pumpkin!!

Wee Wee Wigwams for Gord's niece
And a couple for me...
And some Tie Onesies for church...
Pumpkin Cookies... my favorite
Thursday night Gord and I went to the temple to do sealings.
It was such a great reminder of the covenants we've made. We learned so much from the Sealer - It is such a blessing to be close to a temple.
I can tell I'm getting closer to my due date because I've been nesting like crazy!!
Until you've experienced the feeling you don't quite understand why you want to scrub every inch of your house, organize every closet and drawer, wash windows and blinds... I've even been obsessive about the yard! Baby brother probably won't be having a camp out anytime soon, but I feel like the weeds need pulled and the grass trimmed...

Gordon has been so patient with me as I've been bugging him to help with this and that. He doesn't ask anymore, he just gets the job done ;)

I'm winding down on my cleaning...
So I've planned some more sewing for next week!

The Dr Says...
I had an appointment on Thursday and I'm starting to dilate!!
I didn't dilate at any of my appointments with Tydon so I was pretty excited to hear that I'm making some progress this early. I have another appointment next Thursday...

I'm feeling really good and the nesting burst of energy is great!
I just wish I didn't have to sleep...
I really don't like getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (usually at 1:30am and then again at 4:30am) staying comfortable so I can actually sleep is getting to be a challenge too.
Amazing how these little people just take over ;)
I'm looking forward to attending the Relief Society Meeting at the Conference Center.
I've always experienced the meeting through a broadcast so I'm excited for a new opportunity.

This is such a great time of year...
I love a Season change and the opportunity to listen to the leaders of our church provide council.
It's always another fresh start that helps rejuvenate me.

Have a great weekend!!


Just for Tydon...

Last Fall I bought some fabric to make a quilt for Tydon's bed.
He transitioned from his crib to a Full size bed like a champ, but I felt bad because he had to use one of our wedding quilts. It was black and white and looked fine, but I really wanted him to have his own.

After I got done with baby brother's quilt, my sister-in-law (amazing quilter) said, "let's just get Tydon's done too." So we did. (All in one day) At first I wanted to just do a strip quilt, but changed my mind. Then I decided it would be fun to do a sports theme because of his bed.
So.... this is what we came up with.
He LOVES it!!

He likes to show it off to people when they come over for the first time.
We found his bed at RC Willey outlet. It was originally $900 and it was on clearance for $200!! {SCORE}
(The posts have baseballs on them)
When we were in Mud Lake last time Tydon was trying to follow his older (6) cousin Briggs and jumped off a bench, but missed the bed! It hurt him pretty bad. The next day he was talking to Gord and said, "Dad I can't fly like a bird."
(The picture isn't great, but the bruise was pretty bad a week later)

One of my favorite parts of the day is in the morning.
Being my pregnant self I don't get up any earlier than I have to, so Tydon usually comes and wakes me up by crawling in bed with me each morning. We snuggle and he tells me about his dreams about motorbikes, skateboards, playing football or hunting.
Love this kid!

I signed Tydon up for Itty-Bitty Football and he can hardly wait!
He'll tell just about anyone that he is going to play football.
So as I'm counting down the days for baby brother to arrive he is counting down the days until
Itty Bitty Football starts.
I made this chart for him last week because he asks me everyday if he gets to play yet.
I'm excited to see Tydon as a big brother.
He is such a good boy and we are so lucky to have him around.
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