A couple weeks ago we had several nights of visitors!!
We love visitors.
Or should I say early Friday morning... my dad and my little bro stayed.
They were on their way to Green River to go motorbiking for the weekend.
Tydon loves his grandpa and Brody.
He can't wait until he's big enough to ride a motorbike...
for now he enjoys riding with the big boys.
My Aunt Alison and her 3 kids came into town.
They came down to shop for swimsuits and get out of Idaho for a couple days
while they were on Spring Break (I miss those days...)
We set up an appointment with Nicole from Lime Ricki and tried on their fabulous swimsuits!!
Their suits are true to the sizing charts on their website so don't be afraid to order...
They have a store location in Idaho Falls for those of you in the area!!
I still can't decide which one I want!!

If you can't find one there... here is a great post with a few other modest swimsuit sites.

Saturday night
we had the Walker family stay with us!
It was so good to see them... It's been way too long.
We enjoyed dinner at Famous Dave's and went home and made yummy
Peach Cobbler!!
(This recipe is SUPER easy and to die for)

Thanks everyone for staying the night!!
We love to have visitors, so please let us know if you are coming into town.


Judy said...

How fun to be able to create all of these memories. Are you feeling ok? Hope so. The cobler looks yummy!

heather said...

So fun! That peach cobbler looks gooooood!
Oh by the way, I love those swimsuits, but do any of them have like a bra support? Let me know. I'm swimsuit shopping right now.

Danny & Crystal said...

Wow, how fun to have so many visitors! That peach cobbler looks so yummy! I'll definitely have to try it--maybe even some homemade ice cream too!

Tyson and Alli said...

So fun to have so many loved ones over! Visitors are the best when you live away from them. I loved your post about how you told the families you were pregnant! That was such a creative idea. I'm excited to be able to do something like that one day. Not anytime soon though! :)

Peterson Family said...

You guys are so awesome to take on so many visitors and play host all week. I LOVE those swim suits, I haven't seen a cuter selection of suits! Your probably not showing at all right now (you were tiny your entire pregnancy last time) but I wonder if they do maternity swim suits too!

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