Freebies and People I admire...

Here are a couple freebies I wanted to share today as well...
Sign-up to win Free Bakeware

Free REDBOX today 4/1 only!! Use Code: MMM401

Sugardoodle always has fabulous
Conference Packets to entertain kids during conference weekend.
Just print them off and encourage your kids to participate in this special weekend.
Today's White Pedestal goes out to all those people that make a decision and move forward. They don't look back or wonder "What if..."
Thanks for your example!


Judy said...

I am excited for conference weekend. I love to just wrap in a blanket ant relax. I admire are amazing. It is so fun to follow your life!

Hay and J said...

I know this is so last minate but you had a great idea to have the party tomorrow so lets shoot for tomorrow to watch twilight hopefully you can come i invited katie to! let me know if you can

Peterson Family said...

President Monson is a good one to put up on the "pedestal" and completely worthy of the Wednesday White Pedestal tributes. Conference was so awesome and President Monson is such a powerful speaker and a great example of someone who follows their word and follows Christ example.
Also I was wondering what site do you use to make all your cute picture collages? I tried it once but gave up without really looking into it (I get lazy sometimes) but they look so awesome and they would look really good in a blog book!

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