Miscellaneous Monday... Crafts

Here are a few fun tutorials and cute crafts I've come across lately...
This really could come in handy.
Bath Apron Tutorial
Love these...
Simple Wall Hangings
My friend Angie gave this as a bridal shower gift and I still want one for myself.
Soap Dispenser
I've seen these covered in pictures too, so cute!
Star Tutorial
We can always use another one of these right?!~
Cork Board Tutorial
This one is a lot cuter than mine...
Grocery Bag Holder
So fun...
Sassy Clips
I really need some of these.
Tea Towels
Make your own
Simple Tutorial
Another fun craft from Vanilla Joy
Birthday Banner
Wouldn't this idea make life a little bit easier...
Do your socks stay together after being washed and dried??
Hope you're able to add one of these to your "Want" To Do list.
I've got several... I just don't know where to start.

Hope everyone gets a few days of warm this week!
Soak it up while you can... darn snow.

Don't forget to visit Give Away Today... I really wouldn't mind winning this one ;)

Quick shout out to all my friends in Idaho Falls...
So excited you get to enjoy Cafe Rio anytime now!!
Love it.
Happy Monday!


chad and candice said...

Twin Falls is getting Cafe Rio any day too!!!! Im so excited! Congrats on the pregnancy. we are happy for you guys!

Sarah and Greg said...

I love that Make it and Love it site! It's GREAT! I have found so many things that I want to make already! THANKS!!!

The McLaughlan Trio said...

I have such a long to do list...but that's because I never seem to get things done and the list keeps growing! :) Cute ideas!

Kate & Jeremy said...

look at you and all your fun fantastic ideas! love it! and someday when i feel settled in a place i will be try'n all of them! ... okay... maybe a few of them!
yeah... we made it and already love it! the weather is perfect... its beautiful, and i'm excited just to have new experiences..and i've met a couple of the other wives that i already LOVE... so that will make a big differencE!
..CAN'T wait for you to come! and just plan on it whenever you want... and my sisters and mom will just work around that, because more than likely they will plan it last minute. (you know us!) love you friend

Judy said...

fun fun ideas! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Cole's surgery is in Payson and then we are going tomorrow (Wed) down to Salt Lake and stay up by the Huntsman. Jerrys appointment is on Thursday and we will leave after its done. We are taking Cole home with us to re-coop! Hope you are feeling good!!! :)

Russ and Kristen said...

CHELSI! Thanks for posting this! I'm trying to put our guest bedroom in order, and I got some great ideas now! :) Congrats on the pregnancy! I hope you're feeling well!! :)

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