Miscellaneous Monday... For BABY

Well... Since there are LOTS of ladies pregnant right now, I couldn't help posting some of my favorite tutorials and cute ideas for babies.
I can't even imagine.
17 lb baby born in Russia
Sure hope my doctor doesn't let this happen to me!!

So fun for a little girl
Matching Dress and Blanket
If you're feeling ambitious...
Nursery Decor Tutorials
After your baby gets too big for the other cover, you'll need this...
Car Seat Cover Tutorial
These can always come in handy...
Binky Clip Tutorial
You can buy these, but why not make one!
Reversible Nursing Cover
So Sweet! Perfect for those Fall babies :)
Sweater Hat
Another fabulous Idea
Nursing Cover Clips
Just for Baby
Blocks Tutorial
Rings Tutorial
LOVE these!!
Elephant Tutorial..... Giraffe Tutorial
All these fun ideas get me excited to start making things for our little man!
If you have anymore fun ideas... please let me know!!

Happy Monday!


heather said...

17 lb baby! YIkess!
Love these, I might try the dress, it is just so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Doug & Rach said...

Love these super cute ideas! I can't wait to try them!! Congrats and the pregnancy!!!

Danny & Crystal said...

All of those ideas are so cute! I would like to make one of everything! Let us know if you end up doing any of them and post pictures of your results :)

Judy said...

So fun, wish I had some grandkids in the works!

Sarah and Greg said...

LOVE all of these ideas! I am excited to try them out!! Thanks a bunch and I hope all is going well with you and your family!

Amber and Che said...

Ok so I'm not pregnant but I hope to be soon. So thanks for all those fun ideas. I always love looking at your blog for these. A lot of the times I'll print them off so thanks Chels!

Lance and Chelsea said...

Chels...let's just hope neither of us has a baby that is more than 10 pounds! Yikes. I'm so excited you are going to watch the office. I love it more than any other show!

Laureen said...

I've got to check your blog more often. These ideas are so fun. Congradulations on the 'soon to be addition'

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