Loving the warm weather...

On Monday they were having FREE golfing at the Midway golf course.
I had a doctor's appt scheduled that day, but rescheduled for later in the week so I could surprise Gord.
Tydon and I picked him up from work and told him plans had changed and we were going for a little drive instead. He was like a little kid when I told him we were going golfing. The weather was perfect and he LOVES to golf.
It was a fun surprise!!
My favorite part was Cafe Rio for dinner... yum! We had a gift card from some friends, so I'd been waiting for a special occasion to enjoy it. Thanks Bailey's
A couple weeks ago a bunch of us took our kids to Discovery Gateway.
The kids could spend all day there... It's at least a 3 hour visit when we go.
We even made it into their motion class which was fun for the kids.
Thanksgiving Point is having their Annual Tulip Festival right now so we decided to go see what all the excitement was about. The kids loved the big hill to play on. The flowers were beautiful. They had over 250,000!! I had never been to anything like it, so it was fun to see. The weather was so nice! We were glad we went before lunch because it finally reached 80 in Utah!!
There has been so many fun things to do here.
Living somewhere new makes everything seem like a new adventure. The warm weather didn't stay, but we were excited to enjoy a few days of sunshine this week.
Tydon and I even got our first sunburns of the year! It's fun to see a line for once:) We are excited that it's Friday and we get to enjoy the weekend with dad.


Jill and Travis said...

What a fun surprise for your husband...You are so good at thinking of doing things like that! We have a tulip festival nearby here that I hope to check out. I love the pictures you took! And congratulations on baby boy #2! So exciting!

Danny & Crystal said...

It looks like you guys have been having lots of fun and taking advantage of the warm weather! I loved the pictures of all the tulips--it looked so pretty!

Judy said...

I am jelous. such fun adventures!!!! I would love to see the tulips! And I'll bet Tydon loves golfing with his dad!!!!

jeremy said...

oh chels, how much to do i love that you surprised gord with golfing! that is pretty freakn cute of you. what a lucky guy! and tell him i said so! i miss you guys already... and seeing these pictures makes me miss utah already. leaving was so bitter sweet... but mostly bitter when i think about leaving friends like you guys! but... now just an excuse for you to come to a new fun place to visit!!! love you friend.

Ryan, Sarah , Ruthie and Tate said...

I hope the cool weather doesn't stick around long. I need to take my kids to see the tulip festival it looks beautiful!

Peterson Family said...

Look at you go! You are such a good wife to surprise him like that and work your schedule around him going golfing! I love all the spring pictures, what a gorgeous water fall! Tydon is so cute, he is just learning and growing so fast, he is just taking it all in!

Amber and Che said...

My favorite kinds of activities are the ones that are a surprise. That is so fun that you guys went on a surprise golfing trip. I should do that for Che. I just wish the nice weather would keep it up. ANd I had Cafe Rio on Friday. Soooo good!!!

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