Fun day on the water

On Monday after Kaden's farewell a bunch of boys from Utah stayed to go wake boarding. We had 3 boats on the water full of kids. My brother Brody went with Gordon and I to the farewell so we stuck around to go play in the water.

Here are a couple pictures of Kaden showin off for the camera.

Brody had never boarded before so Monday was his first time. The boys couldn't believe what a natural he was! He was jumping the wake and had a 180 down before we left. He made sure he covered up how much he really enjoyed it when he talked to my dad :) I'm thinking about taking him to wake board camp when I take Braxton...

Yes, this is Braxton... He broke his FEMUR 6 weeks ago and is already on the water. Of course he isn't up to par yet, but this kid is amazing! We are thinking about rescheduling our Florida trip for the beginning of August... I can't believe he is even walking not to mention boarding already!

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Wardell said...

Hey there! sure looks like fun! I can't wait to get out and do it again..prego now and was last summer so I haven't been able to go! Anyway, thanks for the comment. It was good to find yours and see what you've been up to! Hope all is great! Have a happy day! Lataz~Love always, Kasey

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