Ward Luau Party

The ward Luau was a HUGE success! We had over 30 couples there and the food was awesome! Thank you so much to everyone that helped and came to enjoy. The party was held in Blackfoot at the Peterson's. They have a beautiful yard that worked out perfect for the event.

I found some fun decorations at Party Palace (located in the Pocatello mall!!! Where Macy's use to be - I know... I know...)

Cute drink holder...

The pig had to cook for 11 hours in this huge pit! It was sooo yummy! They had the meat already taken off and in a cooler before everyone arrived-by request of our bishops wife :)

After everyone ate we set up a volleyball net for some entertainment.

I don't know who was more entertained us or the cows that came to watch! It was really random, they all came running over, like it was feeding time, to watch what we were doing.

Hula girls...

Our little family.

Tydon's girlfriend Madison.

Madison's family...

This was one of our best activities for sure. Even though it was in Blackfoot we had the best turn out as well. It is so much fun to plan big parties. We are really going to miss this ward and our calling.


Jessica said...

It looks like a lot of fun! Great job guys! I'm glad your hard work paid off!

Anonymous said...

hey that was really fun that night! Do you have those pictures of braxton that you took of his messy face! I would love to have those if you don't mind sending them to me. my e-mail is

Calise said...

How fun!! It looked like a great party!

Sarah said...

Awe, we miss everyone! That looks like a blast. But no surprise there. You guys ALWAYS did a great job with those.

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