Gord bid on a bike for me on ebay and WON!! I am so excited that it is finally here. It is a Specialized comfort cruiser. My friend Andrea and I went on a ride a couple days last week.

Tydon and Lilly always have a good time bouncing around in the back.

On Thursday we decided to be real ambitious and ride from our house up to campus (about 10 blocks)and then up around Bart's field and back. All I have to say is... aerobics has nothing on climbing a hill with two kids in a bike trailer on back. I was panting like I had just run a marathon, but proud to say I MADE IT!

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Kate & Jeremy said...

chels.. i love riding my bike.. but i usually do it all along.. just another reason we need to live closer!! i miss you so much. give your cute little boy.. and your cute big boy a sqeeze for me

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