Great NEWS!!!

We had an offer on one of our spec homes in Burley!! We have two, but one is being rented right now with a lease/option to buy. They made an offer yesterday and we counter offered today. We are expecting their counter offer in the morning... I'll let you know more when we know for sure... (please say a little prayer that it goes through) What a blessing this is!


Crystal Taylor said...

Chelsie, Awesome job on the blog!!! i'm so excited now I get to see ty grow. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Chelsi! I found your blog!! It was good seeing you that other sunday! The house looks great!! I'm going to add to my friend list! Now we can keep in touch. TTYL

Kate & Jeremy said...

that is so exciting!! that house is beautiful.. how talented is gord! love that guy! i'll be home all next week.. you, me..lets play

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