My Handyman...

Well... since June is halfway over I guess the warm weather decided to show up. I just have to say.... Thank Goodness for AIR CONDITIONING... especially for those pregnant ladies out there. Gord put ours in the window this week and it has been so nice.

Last Friday our washer quit in the middle of a cycle so Gordon had to drain it and pull it apart... I have to tell you washers are DISGUSTING!!! I try and wash ours every once in a while with a wash cycle recipe I found online (you can just google "cleaning your washer"). I will just say it was yucky... so we called and had a guy come look at it and the pump was clogged up with one of the pads from my swimsuit top! Oops... Ladies... please remember to remove them before washing! It was nice to have it all pulled apart so we could clean it though. And... Gord hung up a rack for me for my cleaning supplies :) I'm so grateful for my Handyman!

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Holly said...

Thanks for the info! I am totally going to "Clean my washer" today. :)

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