Yard Sale ----->

I am sooo happy last weekend is over! It was a busy weekend that started Friday night setting up for our yard sale. There were 5 families that joined, but I had the most crap thanks to my mom! We borrowed 7 tables from the church and set everything up at a friends house that lives close to a busy street. Luckily Gordon has a huge trailer and we just made a few stops to pile everyone's stuff on to take to the Reynold's house.

My fun friend Suzi -- It was getting late by this point and she was getting silly.

Brody had a lot of game stuff to donate which helped out.

All and all it went pretty well... we didn't start selling until 8am and packed up at 1pm to get ready for the Luau. I made just over $200 so I was happy :) It is the best feeling dumping the rest off at the DI knowing you have cleared a few things out!

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Sarah said...

wow! $200 nice job.

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