Fun weekend...

Last weekend was lots of fun... We left Friday afternoon and went to Idaho Falls. Gordon went golfing with his brother Neil and three of his nephews. Tydon was excited to help grandpa mow the lawn. Every time he sees the lawn mower now he says, "Ride, ride."

My mom ran her horse in the Rigby rodeo so my grandma and my dad and I went to watch. After the rodeo Gordon, Brody and I went to Rexburg and went bowling with two of Gordon's nephews (Kaden and Tanner). We didn't get home until 1:30am!! That's pretty good for us married people :) Saturday morning Gordon went fishing with his brother Neil and Tydon and I went skiing.

Saturday night Kaden went through the temple so Gordon and I went to support him. After the session Gordon and I had the opportunity to do some sealings. I love the temple and I am so grateful we live close enough to attend regularly.

We finished our evening at Applebee's and went back to grandma and grandpa's for another night.

Quick update: Gordon is almost finished with my mom's barn. He just needs to side it and it will be complete.

This is the shed row that he built a couple of summers ago. Yes, you could say my mom loves her horses! My mom is lucky to have a son in law that is so handy :)

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Calise said...

It sounds like a great weekend! I love the cute cute cute golf pictures of your little boy, he is adorable!!

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