Have you ever had a sun burn this bad? Let me just tell you about Gordon's experience this last week... He is building my mom a small barn to put all of her horse tack in and so he spent the day last Saturday putting shingles on the roof. He had a sweet farmer's tan and decided to try and even things out a little so he took his shirt of for a few hours... TOO LONG! This picture was taken on Wednesday and he was still fried! He was taking Ibuprofen it hurt so bad and slept on the couch 3 nights last week it itched/burned so bad. I was a good wife and applied several layers of aloe on it throughout the week and now I have been peeling it, scrubbing it and applying lotion... He is still recovering and complaining that it itches like crazy and I'm sure he'll peel for at least another week. EVERYONE... use sunscreen - just ask Gordon!


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, that is miserable. I got a sunburn last 4th of July at Bear Lake and I swear my back is still itching from it. They are terrible!

Kate & Jeremy said...

GORD!!! your a freaking MORON!! oh... how sad!

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