Ross Park

I wish I would have taken more pictures today! Gordon went golfing this morning while Tydon and I cleaned house. When he got home it was sooo hot and I decided Tydon deserved some fun for helping mom all morning. We spent the afternoon at Ross Park and it was a blast! Thanks Gord for being such an awesome dad and spending the day with us!

Most recent project...

So I told you a while ago that I had seen an idea for my next fun project. Well... here are the results. One of my friends just had a girl and so I decided to try it out.

Most of you have seen the changing pad that I made a while ago... the last one was for a boy, this one is obviously for a girl.

I have recently started decorating a wipes case to match! If you click on the image you can see that I outlined the butterflies in glitter to give it some girly flare.

Gordon is insisting that I start selling these so... I'd like to know what you guys think. Is it something that you would buy for yourselves or for a baby shower gift?? I need some feedback before I start advertising...

My two favorite boys...

I just want to tell everyone how grateful I am for these two special boys in my life. I am so lucky to be married to a man who is a worthy priesthood holder and loves me for who I am. Tydon is such a special boy. He is so much fun to have around and I wouldn't trade staying at home with him for anything. Life is truly a result of the choices you make and it's worth living as if each day is your last.


Gord bid on a bike for me on ebay and WON!! I am so excited that it is finally here. It is a Specialized comfort cruiser. My friend Andrea and I went on a ride a couple days last week.

Tydon and Lilly always have a good time bouncing around in the back.

On Thursday we decided to be real ambitious and ride from our house up to campus (about 10 blocks)and then up around Bart's field and back. All I have to say is... aerobics has nothing on climbing a hill with two kids in a bike trailer on back. I was panting like I had just run a marathon, but proud to say I MADE IT!


We accepted the offer and we will close in July!!! Great job Gord! I am so proud of him and all the hard work that he does. I am so grateful to be married to a man that knows how to work with his hands and isn't afraid to try something new.


Great NEWS!!!

We had an offer on one of our spec homes in Burley!! We have two, but one is being rented right now with a lease/option to buy. They made an offer yesterday and we counter offered today. We are expecting their counter offer in the morning... I'll let you know more when we know for sure... (please say a little prayer that it goes through) What a blessing this is!

Congrats Kaden

Gordon's nephew Kaden Tomlinson will be leaving July 3rd for the MTC. He is going to the Fort Worth Mission. We are so excited for him and look forward to writing him. His farewell was Sunday.

Fun day on the water

On Monday after Kaden's farewell a bunch of boys from Utah stayed to go wake boarding. We had 3 boats on the water full of kids. My brother Brody went with Gordon and I to the farewell so we stuck around to go play in the water.

Here are a couple pictures of Kaden showin off for the camera.

Brody had never boarded before so Monday was his first time. The boys couldn't believe what a natural he was! He was jumping the wake and had a 180 down before we left. He made sure he covered up how much he really enjoyed it when he talked to my dad :) I'm thinking about taking him to wake board camp when I take Braxton...

Yes, this is Braxton... He broke his FEMUR 6 weeks ago and is already on the water. Of course he isn't up to par yet, but this kid is amazing! We are thinking about rescheduling our Florida trip for the beginning of August... I can't believe he is even walking not to mention boarding already!

Ward Luau Party

The ward Luau was a HUGE success! We had over 30 couples there and the food was awesome! Thank you so much to everyone that helped and came to enjoy. The party was held in Blackfoot at the Peterson's. They have a beautiful yard that worked out perfect for the event.

I found some fun decorations at Party Palace (located in the Pocatello mall!!! Where Macy's use to be - I know... I know...)

Cute drink holder...

The pig had to cook for 11 hours in this huge pit! It was sooo yummy! They had the meat already taken off and in a cooler before everyone arrived-by request of our bishops wife :)

After everyone ate we set up a volleyball net for some entertainment.

I don't know who was more entertained us or the cows that came to watch! It was really random, they all came running over, like it was feeding time, to watch what we were doing.

Hula girls...

Our little family.

Tydon's girlfriend Madison.

Madison's family...

This was one of our best activities for sure. Even though it was in Blackfoot we had the best turn out as well. It is so much fun to plan big parties. We are really going to miss this ward and our calling.

Yard Sale ----->

I am sooo happy last weekend is over! It was a busy weekend that started Friday night setting up for our yard sale. There were 5 families that joined, but I had the most crap thanks to my mom! We borrowed 7 tables from the church and set everything up at a friends house that lives close to a busy street. Luckily Gordon has a huge trailer and we just made a few stops to pile everyone's stuff on to take to the Reynold's house.

My fun friend Suzi -- It was getting late by this point and she was getting silly.

Brody had a lot of game stuff to donate which helped out.

All and all it went pretty well... we didn't start selling until 8am and packed up at 1pm to get ready for the Luau. I made just over $200 so I was happy :) It is the best feeling dumping the rest off at the DI knowing you have cleared a few things out!


Yummy hamburger patties and potatoes

I made these hamburger patties the other night for dinner because all I had in the freezer for meat was hamburger. I looked all over for a recipe... and ended up just sprinkling the patties with Onion Salt and frying them in about 1/4 cup of Italian dressing. When they were done I melted Cheese on top and sprinkled a few Bacon bits to top them off. They were sooo good!

For the potatoes (you can find the recipe on the back of a Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix packet) Cut up 4-5 red potatoes and put them in a gallon size ziplock bag. Add 1/4 Cup of oil and a package of ranch mix and shake well. Place in a baking dish, cover with tin foil and bake on 350 for 45-60 minutes. Yummy!

Also... I learned a new way to cook corn on the cob! Cover the cob with butter and salt and pepper and wrap in plastic wrap, place in the microwave for 4 minutes (per cob) and enjoy! BEST corn on the cob I have ever had!!!

**Let me know if you try any of these and what you think**


Tydon loves stickers. He will play for a long time if he has enough on a page. The only problem is I find them everywhere! He calls them "stickers" and "owies" because they hurt to pull off. It's fun to see him learn new words and relate them to different things. I just love this kid!!


Today was Tydon's last day of swimming lessons. We had so much fun! He loves the water and I encourage any mother that has the opportunity to take it. He got so excited when it was swimming day and he would run around the house excited to go.

Once we were in the car he decided he needed to wear his sunglasses like mom. Have I mentioned that this kid can talk?!? I'll post a video sometime....

The weather has been so nice we broke out his pool.

Just loungin with his tongue hangin out...

I can't believe how fast kids grow! These are a couple pictures of him last summer...

My Handyman...

Well... since June is halfway over I guess the warm weather decided to show up. I just have to say.... Thank Goodness for AIR CONDITIONING... especially for those pregnant ladies out there. Gord put ours in the window this week and it has been so nice.

Last Friday our washer quit in the middle of a cycle so Gordon had to drain it and pull it apart... I have to tell you washers are DISGUSTING!!! I try and wash ours every once in a while with a wash cycle recipe I found online (you can just google "cleaning your washer"). I will just say it was yucky... so we called and had a guy come look at it and the pump was clogged up with one of the pads from my swimsuit top! Oops... Ladies... please remember to remove them before washing! It was nice to have it all pulled apart so we could clean it though. And... Gord hung up a rack for me for my cleaning supplies :) I'm so grateful for my Handyman!


Fun weekend...

Last weekend was lots of fun... We left Friday afternoon and went to Idaho Falls. Gordon went golfing with his brother Neil and three of his nephews. Tydon was excited to help grandpa mow the lawn. Every time he sees the lawn mower now he says, "Ride, ride."

My mom ran her horse in the Rigby rodeo so my grandma and my dad and I went to watch. After the rodeo Gordon, Brody and I went to Rexburg and went bowling with two of Gordon's nephews (Kaden and Tanner). We didn't get home until 1:30am!! That's pretty good for us married people :) Saturday morning Gordon went fishing with his brother Neil and Tydon and I went skiing.

Saturday night Kaden went through the temple so Gordon and I went to support him. After the session Gordon and I had the opportunity to do some sealings. I love the temple and I am so grateful we live close enough to attend regularly.

We finished our evening at Applebee's and went back to grandma and grandpa's for another night.

Quick update: Gordon is almost finished with my mom's barn. He just needs to side it and it will be complete.

This is the shed row that he built a couple of summers ago. Yes, you could say my mom loves her horses! My mom is lucky to have a son in law that is so handy :)
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